International Programs

International Programs

The Ana G. Méndez University System recognizes that internationalization is a vital and integral component to advance its aspiration to promote international and global awareness among its students, faculty and administrators. With this goal in mind, the Metropolitan University, the University of the East and the University of Turabo are committed to developing and facilitating a great variety of international and inter-cultural programs and activities for the purpose of providing a better understanding and appreciation to the university community, of our increasingly interdependent global world.  Academic programs are offered that range from Associate Degrees to Bachelor’s, Master’s Degrees and doctorates. Also included are exchange student and faculty programs, visiting professors, student trips, coordination of lectures with international lecturers and dignitaries, as well as the signing of collaborative agreements with other higher education institutions.      

Characterized by international collaboration, the universities have Educational Cooperation Agreements to facilitate the mobility of students, faculty, researchers and administrators; as well as the creation of academic development projects that respond to the institutional needs of the community. The inter-institutional extent at an international level consists of the following list:

  • Germay (UNE)
  • Central America (UMET)
  • Argentina (UMET, UNE, TB)
  • Belgium (UMET)
  • Brazil (UMET, TB)
  • Chile (UMET, UNE, TB)
  • China (UNE)
  • Spain (UMET, UNE, TB)
  • United States (TB)
  • France (UMET, UNE)
  • Virgin Island (TB)
  • Italy (TB)
  • México (UNE, TB)
  • OAS (UMET)
  • Panama (UMET, UNE, TB)
  • Peru (UNE, TB)
  • Dominican Republic (UMET, TB)
  • St. Kitts (TB)


  • International PhD Program in Education, with the University of Granada ​
  • PhD Program in Physics and Space Science, with the UGR
  • Study Abroad Program, with the José Ortega and Gasset Foundation (Spain)
  • Student Exchange Program with various universities in Brazil