Alliances and Agreements

Alliances and Agreements

Alianzas de Desarrollo Económico

Puerto Rico has become a world of business opportunities in all fields. Business and academia now talk business in the same language.

The Economic Development Office of the Ana G. Méndez University System works in the creation of and participation in activities that promote the economic development of Puerto Rico, as well as the transfer and marketing of technology.

We promote the consolidation of regional economic development organizations at the public and private levels. We have developed multiple avenues of work to channel business initiatives from all corporate fields.

We support the creation of university programs and activities that encourage innovation and the formation of an enterprising institutional culture.        

We actively promote the development of processes and policies aimed at stimulating the transfer of technology from and to our institutions and our economic environment.            

We formulate a patent policy and create the structures and processes that promote marketing.        

We stimulate the creation of agreements with external organizations, the formation of businessmen and businesswomen and the creation of capital. Likewise, we promote the dissemination of wealth at all levels of society.

A growing group of persons with vision and faith in the future of Puerto Rico has joined efforts to initiate a transformation in the way in which we organize ourselves for our economic and social development. Puerto Rico prepares itself for a successful reinsertion in the competitive global environment and the regionalization of economic development is the means to do so, since it effectively promotes the creation of businesses, the generation of jobs and investment throughout Puerto Rico.           

Regionalization is progress for all. It is a democratic exercise that enables the direct participation of communities, businesses and educational institutions in government management, that directly impacts the quality of life of our fellow citizens.       

This phenomenon of socioeconomic organization has been successful in the United States and in the world in the past decades and has served to validate the efficiency and effectiveness of this modality of political organization. Since the transforming phenomenon of Silicon Valley over three decades ago, the regional model has diversified and now includes both urban regions with a high concentration of technological innovation, and primarily rural areas and areas in the process of transformation.      

Join us, it is time to do good business!