Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Where can I get information about external funding opportunities? 

On this page you will find links to access federal agencies, government corporations and other renowned organizations to which you may resort to obtain updated information about external funding opportunities that are offered. You will also find links to access organizations devoted to publishing external funding opportunities daily, which you may access and subscribe to electronically, completely free. Lastly, links are included to access the most important federal regulations that you should be aware of during the process of drafting and filing of a proposal and the implementation of a project, once it has been approved.    

Links to principal federal agencies that provide external funding opportunities

Other Links – Government Corporations

Other Organizations

Other Resources

Federal Regulations

Fund Publications



SPINPlus is a system that includes a funding opportunity database, a profile of the researchers and alert matches.     

The three Modules that make up the SPINPlus:

Manuals and Didactic Guides: