Student Right to Know

The Ana G. Méndez University System sustains, as part of its philosophy, the principle of equal educational opportunities for students of its institutions: the University of the East, the University of Turabo and the Metropolitan University.              

Standing behind its commitment, the University obtains and manages different economic aids for students who need them and are eligible. These aids come from federal, state and institutional funds and the private sector.

The Economic Aid Program provides three categories of financial assistance: Scholarships, Loans and Work Study Program. A combination of scholarship, work study or loan is assigned to eligible students who demonstrate an economic need.

This manual contains the policy of the Ana G. Méndez University System to grant federal, state and institutional funds; it also includes, in a simple manner, information on how to apply for economic aid and how to fill out an FAFSA application. In addition, it includes the requirements, the security standards, policy and regulations that students should know.

For further information about the available services and programs, you may access the information from the Economic Aid and Student Right to Know website of your  University.

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