Advertising, Recruitment and Promotion

Advertising, Recruitment and Promotion

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¿Who are we?

The Associate Vice Presidency of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion is composed of a group of professionals in the field of communications. This Office is the link to outline communication strategies and tactics that support the needs of the Ana G. Méndez University System and its institutions. It also advises and offers guidance in the management of information and the development of policies related to student services, recruitment and integrated communication strategies. Among other functions, we work with the drafting, conceptualization, design and production of advertisements and publications. 


The main functions of the Associate Vice Presidency of Marketing and Promotion are:      

  • Serve as consultants in the development of communication strategies to inform the public about the products and services of AGMUS, through the communication media, printed material and electronic media.    
  • Ensure compliance with and proper use of its logos, coats of arms, colors and design of all the publications produced in AGMUS, for the purpose of projecting an appropriate corporate image, through graphic and visual consistency.     
  • To be the official link with the advertising agency for the evaluation, approval and development of advertising campaigns (press releases, alternate media, radio, television, internet and movie theaters, among others).
  • Coordinate the production of the publications intended for marketing and recruiting of the institutions of AGMUS, and offer advice in the definition of the topic, objective, population, drafting, design, production and distribution of each item.
  • Develop strategies aimed at the different types of internal public of AGMUS: students, faculty and associates, for the purpose of informing the university community about events in the Institution.
  • Maintain the digital file of advertising announcements and photographic material of AGMUS updated, in order to establish a historic reference of achievements and develop communication strategies.
  • Hire experts in the field of communications to perform professional work in the  design and production of printed or electronic material. 

Policy and Procedure

Policy for strategic advertising and publications

  1. The Associate Vice Presidency of Communications and Internet is the official consultancy link to develop any strategy for advertising purposes or publication needs. It will be responsible for evaluating the need and offering advice about the proper communication strategies to achieve an objective. This allows us to maintain coherence in the identity that has been developed for marketing, advertising and promotion purposes.   
  2. All art for advertising purposes and all publications, negotiation of media or advertisement in any communication media must be processed through the Communications Office of AGMUS.
  3. The official contact with AGMUS advertising agency is the Vice Presidency of Marketing and its divisions. Requests made to AGMUS agency will not be considered if they are not made through our Vice Presidency.     
  4. The official contact with suppliers, graphic designers and/or the print shop of AGMUS for the development of publications is the Communications Office. Requests made directly to the former will not be considered if they are not requested through this Office.     
  5. Marketing and recruitment publications are contemplated under an annual Publications Plan established with the Vice Presidents of Marketing of each Institution. To request any publication that is not contemplated in this plan, the office that requests the material must identify the funds to work on the relevant publication.         
  6. The telephone number of AGMUS Contact Center (1-800-747-8262), is the official number that must appear in all advertisements and publications of the institutions of AGMUS. This practice enables the channeling of answers to calls in one single place, in order to measure the impact of the strategy on the objective public.
  7. In the publications and advertisements of the System, the Web page of AGMUS,, must always appear. In the ads dedicated to a particular institution, the electronic page address of the respective Institution must always appear., or
  8. The official logos of the institutions of AGMUS to be used in advertisments or publications are:  Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez, Universidad del Este, Universidad Metropolitana, Universidad del Turabo y Trasmite lo bueno TV: Sistema Canal Universitario Ana G. Méndez. [Ana G. Méndez University System,

University of the East, Metropolitan University, University of Turabo and Transmits the Good TV: Ana G. Méndez University System Channel.

Procedure to request advertising strategies or publications

  1. Send and e-mail to the Communications Office in which the need that your area or product has, is identified. The request must include the following:
    • Topic, institution, school, special project or activity for which guidance and strategic development is needed
    • Date on which the delivery of the material is projected
    • Preliminary text of the item that will be worked on
    • Contact person who will be approving the estimate and the strategy
  2. The petition will be evaluated and you will be helped to define the strategy to meet your need (newspaper ad, banner spaces, flyers, printed or digital material and direct marketing, among other strategies).
  3. The supplier who will handle your petition will be identified (AGMUS print shop, advertising agency or other supplier) and an estimate of costs will be sent to you for your approval.
  4. The department that requests the work must send an approved quotation and indicate the encumbrance number in order to pay the cost of the petition.
  5. The petitioner will be sent the item for review of content and art.
  6. Lastly, the item approved by the petitioner will be sent to the communication media or to production and will be submitted for the relevant purpose.