External Funds

External Funds

Imagen de Fondos Externos

Our Vision

We are a single department for the Financial Management of External Funds, which includes the functional areas of compliance, budget, contracts, purchasing, personnel, financial reports and closing of projects for the convenience and benefit of the faculty and administrative personnel committed to the management of External Funds. 

Our Mission

Offer a service of excellence in financial management with the highest quality and effectiveness, by encouraging the professional development of the faculty and administrative personnel involved in the management of External Funds. They play an indispensable role in ensuring that AGMUS is able to achieve its goal of being “…the leading private institution in the area of university research, focused on the fields of science and technology, engineering and environmental sciences” and to comply with its goals to “Increase external funding for the scientific research university projects”, both in accordance with the 2015 VISION.     

The Financial Administration of External Funds (AFFE) [Spanish acronym], is committed to preserving a concerted effort for the development, amendment, education and publication of the institutional policies, ensuring faithful compliance with the applicable guides, monitoring the progress of the projects through financial management, being Editing note: Incomplete text

Policies and Procedures

Effort Reporting

Procedures and Forms: