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The Collection Office of AGMUS is responsible for collection efforts of accounts receivable of students, public and private agencies, companies and individuals. As part of its endeavors, the office sends statements, collection letters, makes collection calls and collects from agencies through visits. It also coordinates collection campaigns with the Telemarketing Department and establishes campus visit programs to plan joint collection strategies. The Collection Office is also in charge of the coordination with external collection agencies used by the Ana G. Méndez University System.            

The Collection Office is responsible for billing and deposting the income received in the Ana G. Méndez University System for services to non-students and their reconciliation in the Major General.   

This Vice Presidency is attached to the Vice Presidency of Financial Affairs and  consists of the Collections Office and the System Treasury area.        



Enrollment Fiscal Policy – establishes the rules that will govern the collection of enrollment costs of students of AGMUS.

Reimbursement Policy – establishes the percentage of enrollment costs that will be reimbursed to students who file withdrawals. This will depend on the period of attendance during the academic periods.      


Change Fund – Establishes the controls in the management of the fund that is provided to perform collection of pending balances of students for debts entered into with the Institution and/or purchases in the bookstores of AGMUS.      

Management of losses or money differences in the change fund, petty cash and/or collections of AGMUS – it establishes those disciplinary actions that will be taken against employees and officers in charge of the safekeeping of funds of AGMUS and/or its institutions, if it is proven that they are responsible for these losses or differences.

System Treasury

Central Treasury

Treasury Offices – They are located in each one of the institutions of AGMUS: University of the East, Metropolitan University and University of Turabo. Among their main functions are:

  • guidance and fiscal information to the student population
  • establishment of student accounts through the enrollment processes  
  • granting of extensions and payment plans
  • distribution of economic aid surplus
  • updating of student account information 
  • coordinating, together with the Collection Department, student collection efforts       

The Central Treasury develops, together with the Assistant Vice President, all the policies and procedures concerning the Treasury Offices and the management of income of AGMUS. It ensures that they are carried out as established. It reconciles the subsidiary accounts of the Treasury Offices with the Major General in the Accounting Office. It is responsible for maintaning control of the establishment of quotas in the System for the determinaton of study costs. It establishes the codes and ledger accounts that are used in the accounts receivable of students and non-students.  It publishes the Financial Planning Guide for Your University Studies, with quotas and enrollment costs for each academic year.         


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