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Since the creation of the Puerto Rico Junior College in 1949, the creative vision of Doña Ana G. Méndez never stopped. She was a fighter in search of economic resources and always wanted the best for her "boys" and the Universities they studied at. So much so, that in 1974, when she retired, she had the vision to recommend the establishment of a fund for financial assistance and scholarships.

Reality is, a Permanent Fund was not alien to the philosophy of the University System. Quite the opposite; the cornerstone of SUAGM has always been to help financially needy students, giving them an opportunity to study with the best resources available.

Twenty years later, that dream came true. Under the leadership of José F. Mendez, a great defender of Puerto Rican youth. For the first time he creates the first permanent scholarship fund for a university in Puerto Rico.

Hand in hand, day by day, a group of visionary accepted the challenge to go door to door and have the unconditional support of friends to accomplish this heroic feat.

The Permanent Scholarship Fund not only had immediate acceptance in corporate and philanthropic community, it had the support of a group of individuals who selflessly joined a campaign that raised $4 million in five years and managed the establishment of 39 donations during his first fundraising campaign: 1994-1999.

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