Purchases and Contracts

Purchases and Contracts

We hope that during your visit, you will be able to obtain clear, concise and easy-to-use information. The information is constantly revised, as the purchasing and contract policies, rules and procedures evolve.


Achieve a well-trained university community, knowledgeable of the policies, procedures and technologies related to the purchasing process. Acquire goods, equipment and services for the university community according to the institutional policies and under the best conditions for SUAGM. Maintain our users informed of the transactions that are carried out through our Office. Use the available technology to the maximum to expedite the processes.            


The Purchasing Office of the Ana G. Méndez University System is located on the third floor of the Jesús T. Piñero Building.         

Work Team

Our work team consists of the Assistant Vice President of Purchases and Contracts, the Purchasing Director, the Director of Contracts, an administrative secretary and two purchasing officers.

Questions and suggestions about our services may be sent by e-mail to the following address: ac_jberrios@suagm.edu



The Policy and Procedure regarding the Signing and Registration of the Contracts, number 07-2012, establishes the rules and procedures that regulate the approval and signing of the following contracts: collaboration agreements, expenses for services rendered, leases, construction, agreements to carry out supervised clinical practices and internships with external entities and the administration of External Funds (Grants) in representation of the Ana G. Méndez University System.

Table of Expense Contract, Income Contract, Collaboration Agreement and Lease Contract by Authorized Officer

  • All services provided to our System, from $1.00 to $1,000, SHALL BE PROVIDED WITHOUT A CONTRACT. The services shall be paid through the Encumbrance document.     
  • It is established in a mandatory manner, that all Contracts must be registered in the Banner System when the service that is required to be provided exceeds a compensation of $1,000.01.        
  • Service contracts in excess of $25,000 a year with current funds, and in excess of $10,000 a year with federal funds, require three (3) written quotations to contract the services.
  • Construction project contracts with institutional funds over $25,000 a year and that do not exceed $50,000, require three (3) quotations. When they exceed $50,000, they require that a formal bid be carried out, as established in the Bidding Manual for Construction Projects in force.
  • To obtain more information about the policy, you may call our office at extensions  7203, 7395 ó 7369.


All purchase transactions are carried out through our BANNER System. To request access to the screens, you may contact Mr. Gabriel N. Cruz Freytes, BANNER Security/Finance Administrator, at Ext. 7502.       


Document generated by the mechanized system for the purpose of requesting the issuance of a check. An encumbrance must be prepared for purchases less than $1,000. FGAENCB Screen. “See Purchasing Manual”.       

Purchase Requisition

Official document generated by any administrative unit to request the purchase of equipment, materials, goods and services from the Director of the Purchasing Office. To fill out a Purchase Requisition, it must have assigned and valid funds. The process must be completed by the user and approved by the appropriate approval levels. FPAREQN Screen. “See Purchase Manual”.        

Purchase Order

Official document processed by the Purchasing Office to legally formalize the offers and transactions for the purchase of equipment, materials, goods and services. If necessary, the Purchasing Office shall proceed to fill out a credit application and designate commercial Vendors (the Request for the Creation of Vendor must be sent by fax or internal mail) to request the quotation from the supplier.  Once the price, payment terms, method of delivery and availability of the product have been agreed, the Purchase Order number may be assigned.


Purchasing procedure through which the quotations are requested in writing, by telephone or by messenger and the adjudication is done without the requirement of a formal bid, but complying with the requirements of the purchase policy.          

Formal Bid

The formal bid is the purchasing procedure which requires the sending or delivery of invitations to bids to possible bidders. Said invitations must include the detail of the terms and conditions of the transaction to be carried out and the date and time that the period to receive offers expires. Offers must be sent in sealed envelopes. Offers received shall be opened and read before the bidders present, on the previously indicated day and time.

Emergency Orders

The purchase order number is generally advanced in an emergency situation, either to resolve situations caused by natural disasters or material that is required immediately.

Orders for Live Material or Special Handling

The user must indicate in the Purchase Requisition if it is live material and/or requires special handling. He must also include the date the merchandise is required. Generally, these purchases are required to be received in not more than two (2) working days.

Questions or suggestions about our services may be made by e-mail: ac_jberrios@suagm.edu

Telephone: (787) 751-0178, ext. 7207
Fax : (787) 766-1763



  • The user generates a purchase requisition.
  • The Purchasing Office processes the purchase order.
  • A number is assigned to the user (Ex.: P0000001) and is sent to the supplier.
  • The supplier delivers the merchandise to the appropriate Receiving Office and sends the invoice to the Disbursement Office.

Note – The Institution is not responsible for merchandise delivered without a purchase order number.           

Delivery of Merchandise

All suppliers must deliver the merchandise through our receiving officer at the respective Receiving Office of each institution. To expedite the process, the purchase order number must be included in the receipt slip.

Metropolitan University
Dean of Administration, 1st floor 
Rd. 176 Km. 0.3 Cupey
Río Piedras, PR 00926

University of Turabo
Dean of Administration, 1st floor 
Rd. 189 Km. 3.3
Gurabo, PR 00778

University of the East
Dean of Administration
Loíza Expressway, corner of 220th Street,
Sabana Abajo
Carolina, PR 00983

WMTJ-TV –Ana G. Méndez System TV University Channel
Engineering Dept.
Rd. 176 Km. 0.3
Cupey Bajo
Río Piedras, PR 00926


Once the receipt of the merchandise is registered, the supplier must send two (2) copies of the invoice to our Disbursement Office. The invoice must reflect the purchase order number (Ex. P0023598) or encumbrance number (Ex. E0023598).

Ana G. Méndez  University System
Disbursement Office
PO Box 21345
San Juan, PR 00928-1345

Questions or suggestions regarding our services may be sent to the following e-mail address: ac_jberrios@suagm.edu

Telephone: (787) 751-0178, ext. 7207
Fax: (787) 766-1763

ONLY FOR ASSOCIATES [Restricted Access]

Documents for Bidders

Registry of Bidders Ana G. Méndez University System

SUAGM carries out bids for the following categories:

Furniture, Equipment and other Materials

Those suppliers interested in belonging to the Registry of Bidders of SUAGM, must fill out the following forms: 

Editing note: No list of forms appears here.

Format: Microsoft WORD

Send them to the following address:

Mr. José A. Berríos Robles and/or Mrs. Norma Doñé Vázquez
Associate Vice Presidency of Purchases and Contracts
PO Box 21345
San Juan, PR 0928-1345

Contact: ac_jberrios@suagm.edu

Your application will be evaluated and you will be notified of the results.