Curriculum and Instructional Design

Curriculum and Instructional Design


Curriculum and Instructional Design Office

The main function of the Curriculum and Instructional Design Office (OCDI) [Spanish initials] of the School of Professional Studies, AHORA Program, is to ensure the continuous quality, updating and improvement of the curriculum and of the educational strategies, including the technology involved in the teaching-learning process.  As part of the Central Administration, the OCDI offers support to the three institutions: University of the East, Metropolitan University and University of Turabo, concerning academic affairs, such as the preparation, revision and distribution of modules for classroom-based and distance-learning courses, textbook requisitions and the creation of academic programs. 

Our Office has the responsibility and commitment of fulfilling the goals and objectives established by the School of Professional Studies, for the purpose of providing our adult students an interactive, dynamic environment, full of challenges. I urge you to continue to contribute to the continuous progress of the EEP, through academic collaboration.           

Maritza Cabán Escobar

Curriculum and Educational Design Director, 
School of Professional Studies

EPM Certification

The Module Preparation Specialist (EPM0  [Spanish initials] Certification qualifies our facilitators to prepare and revise the program modules, according to their specialty. This certification consist of six workshops, the first two are classroom-based and the rest are online, through the Blackboard. The Curriculum and Instructional Design Office sends the announcement once every semester, through AGMUS’s e-mail to the entire active faculty of the AHORA Program.

The next EPM Certification will be October 2012.

Official Announcements

  • Recertification as Module Preparation Specialist (EPM) [Image]

Official Communications

On this page, the official communications of the Curriculum and Instructional Design Office are published. Click on your subject of interest to see the document. [There are no documents nor links]

Educational Resources

In this section, you will find educational resources that will be useful to you to maintain and develop the educational excellency that the School of Professional Studies offers. Use them to plan your class and incorporate them as part of the curriculum where technology performs an important role.     


The module is the cornerstone of the courses offered at the School of Professional Studies. Its purpose consists in guiding the student and the facilitator in the development of the course, taking into account the attainment of the objectives established therein. The module is prepared by a Module Preparation Specialist (EPM).