School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies

Programa Ahora

Your future is AHORA [NOW]!

The Ana G. Méndez University System, pioneer in serving the educational needs of adults, continues its tradition through the accelerated study program of the Escuela de Estudios professionales, Programa AHORA [School of Professional Studies, AHORA Program], which responds to the expectations of the professional adult who wishes to complete his university degree.

The Programa Acelerado de la Escuela de Estudios professionales [Accelerated Program of the School of Professional Studies] uses the internationally recognized model of the University of Regis in Colorado, of comparable quality, in ten universities in the United States. In this program, the student participates in a unique educational process, different from the traditional teaching methods, where his professional experience is incorporated into the classroom to create an interactive, dynamic environment, full of challenges. 

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Univeridad del Este 

Universidad Metropolitana

Universidad del Turabo


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